the DR Fishing reel...

Value vs Performance

You can have both

 I have been a Tournament angler for the last 20 years. Like most anglers I bought the best equipment, paying $200-300 for a reel. Sure I tried the Econo route but was just never satisfied with the performance.

One day, I took a long look at my investment (those 20 high priced rods with their name brand reels) and realized that competitive fishing is quickly turning into a rich man's sport.

I decided to do something about that. I contacted one of the largest fishing reel manufacturers in the world and we developed a top of the line baitcasting reel, as good as any $200-300 reel. The reel has  10 ball bearings with dual brakes both magnetic and centrifugal.

The difference is that I am able to sell my reel for $59.99.

I truly believe this is the best reel I have ever used, and believe me I've tried most of them out there.

The DR Fisherman Series Bait Caster has performed outstandingly for me over the last 8 months and now we are introducing it to every angler.

And now you have 2 choices of reels with the introduction of the DR Fishing Gold Series. Lighter weight and more drag power make this reel ideal for those long days of casting.